The Mrs. J Drainage Bottle Hanger

Eliminate the Inconvenience of the Safety Pins after Surgery!

The Benefits of Using Mrs. J Drainage Bottle Hangers


  • Easy to use!

  • Will not damage clothing

  • Can be used in the shower

  • Eliminates the need for safety pins

  • Secure once properly attached to cloth

  • Can be worn outside or inside your clothing

  • Inexpensive compared to other drainage bottle holders

  • Makes your night time trips to the bathroom much easier

  • Holds up to 3 JP drainage bottles or 2 hemovac drain collectors

  • Can be used by either female or male patients following surgery

  • Bottles can be removed and replaced without removing the hanger

Mrs J Drainage Bottle Hanger for Surgica

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 Nurse explains how to use the ​Mrs. J Drainage Bottle Hanger  


 Recovery Care for Patients with Drainage Tubes

Hospitals generally release patients with drainage bottles attached to their clothing with safety pins.  


Mrs. J Drainage Bottle Hangers eliminate the need to use safety pins during post surgery recovery to hold drainage bottles in place. 


Our goal was to develop a device that could service the needs the patient would have in attaching the drainage bottles to their clothing or bedding. We also wanted something the patient could use when they showered or bathed.


Mrs. J Drainage Bottle Hangers help patients and caregivers easily attach and detach drainage bottles without using safety pins.   This hanger does not damage  clothing or poke patients during the process. 

2 Hangers for $19.95




You will receive 2 Mrs. J. Hangers with order of $19.95.  This will provide you with the ultimate convenience handling of your drainage bottles. Place one on your clothing and one in the shower.  You will then have the convenience of having a dry hanger when you finish with your bathing.


  • No more pinning or un-pinning 

  • No need to order two or three products to carry your drainage bottles

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2 Hangers for $19.95 

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"Showering and bathroom trips were very difficult for me during mastectomy recovery when my drainage bottles were attached with safety pins.  My husband designed this hanger so it can be used in the shower or bed side or on clothing to make the recovery process easier."  

-Janet,Stage IV Breast Cancer Survivor


Janet is shown above demonstrating how to use the Mrs. J Drainage Bottle Hanger

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Mrs. J Drainage Bottle Hanger |  Eliminate the Inconvenience of the Safety Pin

Made and Patented in the USA - Patent #US9282808 B1

Post Surgical and Mastectomy Wound Care 

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