Hi, my name is Janet, and I am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with stage four cancer in August 2009. The tumor was under my right breast and I underwent sixteen weeks of extensive chemo treatments. I then had a total mastectomy in March of 2010.


I was released from the hospital the following day and sent home with four drainage tubes.  I was informed that I would have these tubes after the surgery but I was not well informed as to the difficulty of caring for them.

The drainage tubes each drained into its own individual drainage bottle. Each of the four drainage bottles were attached to my clothing by safety pins. These bottles had to be removed twice a day and emptied to determine the amount of drainage coming from the wounds.  They also had to be removed from my clothing each time I changed clothes and at bedtime.

My re-constructive surgery was performed in June of 2013.  My hospital stay this time was for five days and I had three drainage tubes inserted for this procedure.

My husband Henry was visiting me just as my nurse came in to chart the amount of drainage. As she was removing the pins from the bed sheet he made mention that someone should come up with something safer to attach the drainage bottles to the cloth. She replied she certainly wished that would happen because she could not count the number of times she almost stuck herself during this procedure. Henry also had a difficult time performing this procedure as my caregiver.


Thus our journey began to develop something better and safer than a safety pin! 

Our mission is to make one part of the surgery recovery 
process just a little easier for the patient and caregiver!


The Mrs. J Drainage Bottle Holder can be attached to your bed sheets to provide a convenient way to secure your bottles while sleeping. You do not have to worry about them moving around while you sleep. It also provides a quick and easy way to remove your bottles and carry them with you in the event you need to get up during the night.


The Hanger will attach to your clothing without the worry of damaging the cloth. It can be worn on the inside or outside of your clothing. The bottles can be removed and replaced without removing the Hanger. Therefore, making the process of emptying the bottles a much easier task for patient and caregiver.


The Hanger is secure once attached to cloth. (We performed many tests on several prototypes before this final design was approved.) As a patient, I knew the importance of being confident the Hanger would not easily come loose and allow the drainage tube to be pulled.


And one of the best attributes of the Mrs J is that it provides a better method of securing the bottles during a shower. Of all the items on the market, the Mrs J Hanger is the only one designed to be used in the shower without the concern of the water getting it wet.

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Mrs. J Drainage Bottle Hanger |  Eliminate the Inconvenience of the Safety Pin

Made and Patented in the USA - Patent #US9282808 B1

Post Surgical and Mastectomy Wound Care 

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