How to Attach the Mrs. J Hanger:

· Remove the clip (C) from the back of the Hook (A)

· Position the hanger (B) in a comfortable location on the garment, keeping in mind the hanger should be below the       wound to provide better drainage

· Push the clip (C) in from the back side of the cloth into the groove of the hook (A)

· Test the connection by pulling on the hanger assembly to make sure the clip (C) and hook (A) are secure

· You can now attach the drainage bottle(s) to the hanger (B) at the opening of the hanger (B) as shown in the photo above


How to Remove the Mrs. J Hanger:

· Remove the drainage bottle(s) from the hanger (B) and place them in a secure position

· Grasp the bottom of the clip (C) while holding the hanger (B) and pull the clip (C) from the grooved portion of the hook (A)



"We had no idea that Janet was being sent home from her mastectomy with drainage bottles attached to her shirt - just pinned on her with  safety pins.  This made wound care difficult, and I wanted to find a better solution.  The last thing I wanted to do was poke my wife with a safety pin while she was recuperating from surgery."   Henry Hager

The Mrs. J Drainage Bottle Hanger was designed to help mastectomy patients and other post surgical patients that have drainage tubes and drainage bottles be more comfortable during recovery.

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Mrs. J Drainage Bottle Hanger |  Eliminate the Inconvenience of the Safety Pin

Made and Patented in the USA - Patent #US9282808 B1

Post Surgical and Mastectomy Wound Care 

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